Looking after your mental health and general well-being.

Justine Devenney is your Student Support and Guidance Tutor (SSGT) for Architecture and Design courses. The SSGT office is located on the third floor of Mithras House near the South Gallery. You can arrange to speak to Justine about any issues that might be having an impact on your studies or general student experience. Your SSGT will listen to your concerns, find out what is truly going on and how things are affecting you. They will then talk through your options and may direct you to specialist services across the university as well as to the support available here in Mithras.


You can also get support and advice on any personal safety issues

If you are experiencing any form of harassment, discrimination, violence or abuse, please know that you do not need to suffer in silence.

You can disclose an incident to your SSGT, either with your name or anonymously. If you identify yourself, the university Disclosure Response Team can then help you get the support you need. You can also disclose an incident that you have witnessed.

Contacting the Disclosure Response Team does not start a formal report or complaint to the university authorities but it will take you through your options so that you can make an informed decision.

The University of Brighton is committed to upholding a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for everyone in our community, and we are all collectively responsible for this aim. We believe that any form of harassment, abuse, sexual misconduct or discrimination is #NeverOK. For more information, see #NeverOK