Large Format Printing (Repro)

Large format printing at Mithras

For prints and copies A2 or larger

Reprographics at Mithras is based in the north end of Floor 3 (turn left at the entrance and keep walking). You can send your files or a link such as Wetransfer via email ( Your work will be printed and can be collected and paid for in Reprographics during opening hours. These are 09.:0 - 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:00 on weekdays.

Paper sizes

Large format printing involves anything larger than A3.

A2 420mm x 594mm

A1 594mm x 841mm

A0 841mm x 1189mm

Types of printer available

Draft printer (black and white printing only) A2 / A1 / A0 on 75gsm paper

A2 / A1 on tracing paper

A2 / A1 on drafting film

Inkjet printers (colour and greyscale printing) 

A2 / A1 / A0 on 120gsm coated paper

ColorWave (colour and greyscale printing) 

A2 / A1 / A0 on 120gsm white paper

A2 / A1 / A0 on tracing paper

A2 / A1 / A0 on drafting film

A2 / A1 / A0 / 1m wide on wallpaper

The draft printer is a fast and cheap way to get a black and white print. 

You can print on your own paper so long as it’s lighter than 220gsm.

The inkjets use specially coated paper to reduce ink bleed and give vibrant colour results.

The Colorwave printer uses a thermal process, there is no ink bleed but the results are generally less vibrant than those from an inkjet printer.

Type of Paper available and cost on each printer

Draft Printer (Black & White)

75gsm white 

A2  = 30p

A1 = 60p

A0 = £1.50

Tracing paper  

A2 = 50p

A1 = £1.10

A0 = £3.00

Drafting film  

A2 = £1.00

A1 = £2.20

A0 = not available

Inkjet printer (Colour and greyscale)

120gsm white (coated)

A2 = £2.00

A1 = £3.00

A0 = £5.00

Colorwave (Colour and greyscale)

120gsm white

A2 = £2.00

A1 = £3.00

A0 = £5.00


A2 = £2.50

A1 = £3.50

A0 = £6.00


A2 = £3.00

A1 = £4.00

A0 = £7.00

Drafting film

A2 = £4.50

A1 = £5.50

A0 = £9.00

Getting your work printed

1. Save your files as pdfs. There are many ways to do this from different applications. The most common are the “save as” command and the “export” command but you may also be able to print your file to pdf.

2. Make sure the file is the right size for the paper you want to print on (see above sizes).

3. Name your file clearly so we know how you want it printed.

Your name - size of print - what material/printer you want to use.

e.g. Smith-A0-Draft printer


Hussein-A1-Draft printer trace

Harvey- A0-colorwave wallpaper

4. If your file is large, use WeTransfer ( and send the link to 

You can also share your files in a folder on OneDrive with the print room (user name pr308).

5. E-mail the print room ( with the link to your files. Be specific in the e-mail if there is anything unusual about your printing, particularly if you are using a non-standard paper size (e.g. 500mm x 500mm, or long documents eg 841mm x 1200mm). Be prepared to receive an e-mail to discuss any possible issues.

6. You will receive an e-mail when your printing has been completed and you can collect it and pay in Reprographics (room 315, north end of Mithras).